Future Home Super Apps

Nowadays, the new home appliance trend is toward automation. To speed up their daily routines, many people have embraced the use of technology. Automation technology for homes is the new-age switch for anyone looking to improve their quality of life and their home’s security and safety while using technology.

Home Appliances Challenges

No doubt, smart homes are one of IoT’s most promising applications. However, while embracing smart device management from a single interface is a convenient choice, it does come with its challenges. For the most part, here are some of the critical issues with available smart home appliances management apps:

· Most apps require installation and complex setup.

· They offer limited features and functionality, solving only part of the issue. For example, they focus on device control and automation, ignoring an additional set of related features and services that can offer a better solution.

· Device management apps are incompatible with some models limiting their use and defeating their purpose. Some apps are locked to one specific brand.

· Appliance guides and resources are in different formats and scattered all over the internet.

· User Interface Complexity. Apps fail to meet the needs of users with different levels of expertise.

An All-In-One Home Device Management Solution

With current solutions, people have to either use different services for their various appliances or settle for managing their smart home devices manually and individually.

Ideally, users would prefer a one-stop-solution interface that offers an accessible, convenient, and user-friendly solution that works. A potential game-changer is a web-based super apps suite solution.

Managing home appliances and devices across different locations would be a lot easier with a web-based suite solution accessible across all internet-enabled devices and with a user-friendly interface that can be navigated regardless of tech expertise level.

With the ease of use and interoperability at the forefront of its design, a web-based suite solution would allow smart devices to communicate, automate processes, and be controlled from a single, accessible interface. Understanding that consumers are looking beyond an interface that “just works” but one that works with every appliance they have, the ideal web-based app suite would be designed to deliver smart and self-adapting frontend solutions that inspire consumers’ confidence.

Critical Benefits of A Web-Based Suite Solution

Unlike traditional apps or installed widgets, an ideal web-based suite could potentially offer a true all-in-one home appliance solution. Some standout benefits could include:

· Easy-to-use web accessibility would require no installations or sign-ups to use it.

· Accessibility on all internet browsers availing instant, accessible solutions at your fingertips

· Universal sign-in (via Facebook, Google, etc.) to access – extra – features for a more personalized experience. (Reminders, bookings, shopping history, device registration, etc.)

· A simple, memorable app naming convention for easy discovery.

· A single interface with resources for all appliances and consumer electronics

· QR code to quickly access device model resources for ultimate convenience.

· Integration of popular and local services.

· Multi-location device management to help people with more then one property, landlords or anyone who want to help loved ones remotely.

An added feature would be providing convenience at no cost without interoperability limitations on a user-friendly interface. Users should be able to search and compare devices, accessories, spare parts and supplies, book technicians, access troubleshooting and user manuals, get reminders for warranty expirations, price match alerts, maintenance, etc.

The bottom line is that the ideal web-based suite would be convenient and easy to use while not requiring technical expertise or installations. The smart home appliance market is saturated with apps and widgets that struggle to address the convenience and interoperability challenge that comes with the use and need to quickly and efficiently manage home appliances from one interface, from any location and for any brand.

In the future, the perfect web super app suite would help extend the operating life of a device as a contribution to sustainability and the circular economy, facilitating the sale, rent, donation, or recycling of appliances. For now, we all have to wait for the new home appliance super apps, it will be exciting. Stay Tuned!

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